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The Traditional Nature and Gastronomy Festival

With all the natural beauties and the untouched nature, it is nearly impossible not to combine these organic nutrients with gastronomy. Turkey has much to offer when it comes to growing plants, herbs etc. and because of its climate, it is possible to find %100 organic and untouched products in nature as well.

For those out there who are obsessed with the kitchen and want to use the best ingredients while preparing the perfect dish, we have some good news. The Traditional Nature and Gastronomy Festival is on its way. The festival will begin on the 29th of April and will be ongoing until the 1st of May. This year the festival extends its index by adding the edible plants too.

The Traditional Nature and Gastronomy Festival opens your eyes to a whole new world of mushrooms and undiscovered plant diversity. It is an opportunity to explore new edible plants and various types of mushrooms in the heart of Ballidag / Kastamonu. The festival takes place in spring and fall every year so if you call yourself a foodie; this is the exact place you need to be.

If you are wondering what you will be doing for 3 days, we have it all planned out for you. Below you can find the full program of The Traditional Nature and Gastronomy Festival. Enjoy!


29 April 2017 Saturday

12:00-14:00- Entering the hotel

14:30-15:00-The ‘Welcome’ Party and a short brief about The Traditional Nature and Gastronomy Festival

15:00-16:00- Seminar on the mushroom and plant types that are found in nature and how to harvest them.

16:30-19:00-Workshop in İKSİR farm on how to milk a cow and make natural yoghurt.

19:30-21:00- Dinner (Traditional dishes will be served)


30 April 2017 –Sunday

08:00-09:00 –Breakfast

09:30- Travelling to Ballidag

Ballidag Field Study (Our guests will take a hike and while doing so collect various types of mushrooms and different edible plants.)

12:30-13:30- Barbeque at our mountain in Ballidag

14:30-16:00-Returning to the hotel and discussion on the mushroom types that our guests have harvested.

17:00-18:30- Making sourdough herb bread with our guests by using Siyez flour.

19:30-21:00- Dinner (Dinner will be prepared by the mushrooms and plant types that are unique to our region with our guests. Our chef will add a little spice to the preparation with visual shows. )

21:30- Complimentary mulled wine accompanied with a bonfire.


01 May 2017 –Monday


10:00-12:00- Going to the field to take a hike in the peaceful nature of Kastamonu

12:00-13:30-Workshop on making herbal oils with the plants collected and making pickles.