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The Time of the Tulip

A flower which has been a subject of many events, myths and cultures are blooming once more in the heart of Istanbul. By welcoming spring we also welcome one of the most beautiful symbols of our lovely city Istanbul. This year the 12th ‘Istanbul Tulip Festival’ will take place in parks, squares, gardens and streets. Istanbul will leave the cold winter behind and welcome a colourful environment once more with the ‘Istanbul Tulip Festival’. The festival will take place all around Istanbul and will be ongoing until the 30th of April.

A Brief History of the Tulip

It is believed that the Tulip was brought to Anatolia by Central Asian Turks from the plant’s homeland. In Anatolia, Turks began to use the tulip as a decorative motif during the 12th century and it carried many deep meanings in many different works of art. Maulana Rumi was the first person to use the tulip in his poems. During the rule of the Ottoman empire, the tulips had a golden time between the 16th and 18th century. The use of the plant both as decorative and as art peaked during the rule of Ahmet the 3rd (1673-1736) the dates between 1718 and 1730 has been named as the Tulip Era by historians.

Where Will The Istanbul Tulip Festival Take Place in 2017?

You can find 53 different types of tulips in Gülhane Park. This year 930 thousand tulips have been planted. If you are looking to find all tulip types the Emirgan Grove can be your destination. With 190 different types of tulips, there will be a total of 2 million 800 thousand tulips here. You can also visit the Beykoz Grove, Göztepe 60th Year Park etc.

Sultanahmet Square

Sultanahmet Square is one of the key locations of the ‘Istanbul Tulip Festival’. You can find the world’s largest tulip carpet here in Sultanahmet between the 10th and 30th of April. Apart from that, you can attend to events such as performances by local music groups, performances of ebru artists, performances of calligraphy artists, the art of glass blowing performance and street events.