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The Super Stretchy Turkish Ice Cream

The Kahramanmaras ice-cream which is commonly known as Turkish ice-cream was discovered accidently by a man called Osman Aga while he was trying to make salep from an orchid. At first, this dessert was called “karsambac with salep”, it was three generations later when “maraş ice cream” was first recognised as an ice-cream. One of the most important ingredients of the Turkish ice-cream is goat’s milk.

What Does It Taste Like?

maras kesme

The Turkish ice-cream is a bit chewy, thicker than your usual ice-cream and has an elastic texture. The ingredients to these delicious scoops are milk, sugar, salep flour and mastic gum. Salep flour and the mastic gum are the two ingredients which give the Turkish ice-cream its elastic texture. Salep also gives the Turkish ice-cream its incredible creamy flavour. Think vanilla but much better! This ice-cream is unlike anything you have ever had before.

Your Dreams Have Come True


If you wish to have an ice-cream which will only melt once it’s in your mouth then you shouldn’t look far away. It can be eaten slowly during the hot summer days without a fear of it melting and dribbling down the cone. It is the gravity resistant superstar!

The Vendors

Ice-Cream vendor turkey

As you walk down the Istiklal Street you can see many little carts which sell Turkish ice-cream. Behind these carts are the superheroes of Turkish ice-cream: the vendors. They are usually dressed up in traditional Turkish clothing. It is a ‘thing’ not to give the ice-cream at the first reach so if it is your first time don’t panic this is the fun part. They twirl and whirl the cone with a long metal pole.

In Istanbul, there are many places to introduce your palette to new tastes. The Turkish cuisine has much to offer…