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The Living Library

The living library opened its doors to visitors on the 20th of February. You may be asking this question; what is a living library?

A Place Where Books Come To Life

The Living Library is not much different than a standard library. The readers pop into the library, choose the book that they want to read from the catalogue at the front desk and are given a library card. Assisted by the librarians, they borrow the book they have chosen for a given time which is around half an hour in this case. But the most important detail of the Living Library is that the books which the reader has chosen are real people and the 30-minute reading session refers to a conversation. Let’s put it this way; you need to talk in this library.

Break The Prejudice

In The Living Library, you can find different book titles such as schizophrenics, different sexual orientations, drug addicts, visually impaired, Arabs, headscarf-wearing women, Armenian etc.

This projects main aim is to erase prejudices about different lifestyles and identities. Of course, it is not possible to erase prejudices and break the taboos in half an hour. However, listening to each other and communicating is a huge step. Breaking down stereotypes, fears, and prejudices are the purpose of this organisation.


The Living Library last took place at !f Istanbul on the 19th and 20th of February. There is usually no entrance fee and the library comes to life in different locations around Istanbul throughout the year.