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The Last Independent Movie Theatres Standing In Istanbul

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As the modernised culture pushes art to be an act of consuming the movie theatres and concert halls have all transformed into small locations in shopping malls. In a corner, an activity that one can only do after shopping. However, there are still movie theatres that haven’t lost their texture, the pure art inside them. Below you can find these last standing movie theatres in Istanbul. If you are addicted to cinema, we strongly recommend you visit at least one of these theatres.

1- Atlas Cinema


The Atlas Cinema is located in the heart of Istiklal Street. It is one of the favourite movie theatres when it comes to festival films too. Atlas is also one of the largest movie theatres in Istanbul. With the option of an exit through the back door, it also gives you the option to live the movie for a little longer before going into the crowd of Istiklal Street.

2- Pera Cinema


So the Pera Cinema is not one of your regular large theatres. It actually has a small screen and can only fit around 50 people inside. However, it is possible to find low budget and independent movies in Pera. If there is a movie you really wanted to see but you just missed it before giving up, don’t forget to check Pera Cinema.

3- Rexx

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This is another movie theatre that hasn’t lost anything from its texture. It is located in Kadikoy the Asian side of Istanbul. It is possible to find both festival and blockbuster movies. Rexx was once known as the biggest theatre in Istanbul with 1200 seats. Today it has been divided into 3 screens.

4- Cine Majestic

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Cine Majestic opened its doors in 2003 and is the youngest theatre among the other independent theatres.  Cine Majestic is also located in Beyoglu. It is possible to catch weekday promotions and the snacks are quite affordable compared to the other movie theatres in shopping malls.

5- Yesilcam Cinema


It is possible to find movies that cannot be found anywhere else such as a low-budget Turkish movie or a documentary about an uprising in Papua New Guinea in Yesilcam Cinema. Yesilcam is one of a kind with its small screen and character. After the movie, for those who love to talk more about the movie or any other subject, there is a really cute cafe which you will fall in love with at first sight.