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The Grand Bazaar

With over 3000 stores with all sorts of goods to buy for yourself or as a present, the Grand Bazaar is like heaven for shoppers. Even if you don’t like shopping or walking around for hours, you will get lost and fall in love with this enchanting area. The Grand Bazaar should be on your “must visit” list if you are planning to come to Istanbul. However, if you are an into detail/ must see everything person you should at least spare one whole day for the Bazaar. It is not possible to discover everything after your tour or just for a few hours.

A Little Secret

Once you have stepped foot in the Grand Bazaar, the first thing you should know is how to bargain. So take your time going through the shops and finding the best-priced products. If you learn just the right techniques you may get up to %30 discount on the products you wish to purchase. Be a bargain master and you won’t go home empty-handed.
The Locals
Not only the shops but the shoppers are also locals in the Grand Bazaar. Especially during the summer season, it is possible to see many locals here.

But Why?

grand bazaar 2

It is a tradition to buy the bride to be wedding presents such as underwear, home goods, pyjamas, chocolates etc. Usually the groom’s mother, sister, aunt will take the bride shopping and purchase what is needed. This tradition has been going on for years and still is an important part of the wedding ritual.

Take It Back Home

Inside the Bazaar, you may find high-quality Turkish carpets, porcelain, leather, antiques, jewellery, wool and cotton products, embroidered towels, scented soaps, natural oil scents, coffee and much more. These products are top quality and are made locally.
Don’t forget to walk through the labyrinth-like streets and explore the most interesting and hidden parts of the bazaar. You will find smaller shops which can surprise you with its products. Even if not for shopping just to get that Ottoman breeze in your lungs.