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The Best Turkish Baths In Istanbul

There are many historical Turkish Baths in Istanbul, and they all have different characters and different services to offer. There are luxurious hamams and there are hamams that haven’t lost their historical texture. Depending on what you expect from a Turkish bath here are some of the best Turkish baths in Istanbul that you can go to.

1- Suleymaniye Hamam

Suleymaniye Hamam is one of the most famous and touristic Turkish baths. Süleymaniye Hamam was built as a part of the Süleymaniye Kulliye in 1557 at the request of Sultan Suleyman. The Suleymaniye Hamam was closed in 1924 for restoration and was opened to visitors again in 2004. You will need to make a reservation before going to the Suleymaniye Hamam. The most important feature of the Suleymaniye Hamam is that it is Unisex. So you can book yourself and your family a relaxing day at the Suleymaniye Hamam.

2- Gedikpasa Hamam

Gedikpaşa Turkish Bath is one of the most important Ottoman Architectural historical buildings in İstanbul.  This Turkish Bath is very close to the Grand Bazaar. It takes its name from its Gedik Ahmet Pasha, who had one of the Ottoman Empires’ most famous architects Mimar Hayrettin build it in 1475.

Gedikpasa Hamam also has a pool inside so it is a great place if you want to relax first and then jump in the pool.

3- Cagaloglu Hamam

The Cagoglu Hamam is located on the Yerebatan Street close to Grand Bazaar. This Turkish Bath is actually the last Turkish bathhouse that was built in the Ottoman Era. It was constructed in 1741 by two different Ottoman architects.

The atmosphere is amazing and it is a very popular hamam too. Some of the famous people that have been here are: Florence Nightingale, the German Emperor, II. Wilhelm, Gianfranco Ferre, Omar Sharif, Harrison Ford

The Cagoglu Hamam is separated from other hamams with its bar, restaurant and cafe. There are a lot of options inside such as a dry massage, soapy massage and a foam bath.

4- Cemberlitas Hamam

This Turkish Bath was also built by Mimar Sinan. The Cemberlitas Hamam wasn’t built by the order of Sultan Suleiman but it was ordered by Murat the 3rd’s mother Sultan Nurbanu.

The Cemberlitas Hamam is very special in certain ways so once you enter, you might spend hours inside. The Cemberlitas Hamam offers services such as aroma oil massage, reflexology, Indian head massage, clay mask and the Sultan Bath…

This hamam also provides a traditional service called the bridal hamam. The women can have their bridal hamam with or without food here.

5- Aga Hamam

After The Galatasaray Turkish Bath, one of the most preferred Turkish Baths in Beyoglu is Aga Hamam.

It was built by Fatih Sultan Mehmet in 1454. At the time only the Sultan and his children could use this hamam. Nowadays it is much preferred by the tourists. It is budget friendly too.

6- Hagia Sophia – Hürrem Sultan Hamam

Hurrem Sultan Hamam is another magnificent structure built by the architect Mimar Sinan. Hurrem Sultan, Roxelana, the wife of Sultan Suleiman, ordered it to be built in 1556. Hurrem Sultan Hamam was built in the classical Ottoman bath style, the hamam was constructed in a way that men and women sections were on the same axis as mirror images of each other.

Ottoman-style syrup, marshmallows, apricots, walnuts, and also refreshments such as tea will be provided while you are relaxing.