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A glorious example of the rich cultural life of Turkish Jews, the Ahrida has its rightful...Continue Reading
Arguably, the most beautiful of the Bosphorus suburbs, Arnavutköy is distinguished by...Continue Reading
The Ashkenazi Synagogue is an Ashkenazi synagogue located near the Galata Tower...Continue Reading
A small fishing village known to have existed before Christianity, various sources have shown...Continue Reading
Beylerbeyi Mosque was located on the Anatolian shore of the Bosphorus next to...Continue Reading
Since Byzantine times, Beylerbeyi and its vicinity has been a settled area...Continue Reading
Cevahir which is one of the most visited malls in İstanbul, is located in Mecidiyeköy...Continue Reading
Dolmabahce Palace was the principal imperial residence in late years...Continue Reading
Elipsis Gallery is the first private photograp gallery in Turkey. It is located in Karaköy,İstanbul...Continue Reading
In Emirgan there is a famous park which houses amazing tulip gardens. In the spring...Continue Reading
Arguably, the most beautiful of the Bosphorus suburbs, Arnavutköy is distinguished by...Continue Reading
The Eyüp Mosque and Mausoleum complex is one of the holiest places of the Islamıc world...Continue Reading
We are in a courtyard with a water cistern and a fountain. We hear the whispering sound...Continue Reading
The Church on Sadrazam Ali Pasha Street, in İstanbul, is the holiest place for the Greek...Continue Reading
The most important characteristic of the Fethiye Mosque is the fact that it is the only holy building...Continue Reading
İstanbul had been attacked many times, but the Roman city walls enabled the city to resist...Continue Reading
Friday Market, is a market located in Fındıkzade, which is set up every Friday.It is one of...Continue Reading
In ancient times Galata was known as Sykai. It is written that, during the...Continue Reading
Gallery Apel was established in 1998 by Nuran Terzioglu, coordinator of Fine Arts...Continue Reading
Galeri Nev was founded in 1984 by two architects, Ali Artun and Haldun Dostoğlu...Continue Reading
Gallery Zilberman located on İstiklal Street, was founded in 2008. It has a strong...Continue Reading
The origins of the Grand Bazaar, which is one of the world’s oldest marketplaces...Continue Reading
St. Irene was the first church built by the Byzantines.While forming his new city...Continue Reading
Hagia Sophia is a evidence of the level that humanity can attain. The fact that...Continue Reading
The Hippodrome was the city’s centre for entertaintment and sports during...Continue Reading
In Byzantium a magnificent monastery and church were built in the name...Continue Reading
In 2005 the Istanbul Modern housed in an old warehouse, opened as the first...Continue Reading
The street which connects the entrance of the tunnel at the upper end...Continue Reading
Istinye Park is a mall located in Istinye.As well as in-door shops it also has out-door shops...Continue Reading
The Italian Synagogue, also known as ‘’Kal de los Frankos’’, is a synagogue located...Continue Reading
In ancient times Kadıköy was known as Chalcedon, but no traces have been found...Continue Reading
Kanyon is one of İstanbul’s most prestigious malls.It gets its name from its design which looks...Continue Reading
Its old and original name is the Church of St. Saviour in Chora and as soon...Continue Reading
Khedive Pavillion, which is located on the hills of Cubuklu within spacious woodland...Continue Reading
Küçüksu Pavillion is also known as Goksu Pavallion. It was built by Sultan Abdulmecit in...Continue Reading
Laleli Mosque is located on the European side of Istanbul in Eminonu. The mosque was...Continue Reading
Little Hagia Sophia was a church devoted SS.Sergius and Bacchus, two Roman soldiers...Continue Reading
One of the tower’s stories is about a king who has been warned that his beloved...Continue Reading
One of the richest museum of its kind, this military museum and cultural centre...Continue Reading
Miniaturk has been open to visitors since 2003, is one of the largerst miniature park...Continue Reading
Pantocrator Monasque represents the most typical example of architecture of the Byzantine...Continue Reading
This museum is in Beşiktaş İstanbul, next to the Bosphorus – side park with a statue...Continue Reading
The synagogue, which is in the Beyoglu district of Istanbul, was constructed...Continue Reading
Nuruosmaniye Mosque was located at the entrance to the Covered Bazaar...Continue Reading
Before Nusretiye Mosque there were a mosque located on the site of the current mosque...Continue Reading
From the Bosphorus, Ortaköy is one of the least missable suburbs, because...Continue Reading
It was established in 1998 on İstiklal Street. Gallery hosts various exhibitions of...Continue Reading
Pierre Loti is located in Eyüp, which belongs to Fatih district, on the european side...Continue Reading
In 19th century the museum used to be a factory which was producing anchors and chains...Continue Reading
This mosque, near the Spice Bazaar in İstanbul, has only one minaret.There are rows of shops...Continue Reading
Sadberk Hanım Museum is on the sea front at Sarıyer and was purchased by...Continue Reading
The cathedral of St. Antoine is located on the left side of Istiklal Avenue...Continue Reading
In a superb location high up in a sloping garden on the shores of the Bosphorus...Continue Reading
Şakirin Mosque is the most modern and new mosque in Üsküdar, İstanbul. It is the first...Continue Reading
There has always been a significant Bulgarian community in Istanbul. St. Stephan Church...Continue Reading
The most impressive of the mosque which form the famous İstanbul silhouette...Continue Reading
Taksim Square, with the Ataturk Cultural Centre on its north side and five star hotels...Continue Reading
As the best palace in terms of condition remained from Byzantium, Tekfur Palace...Continue Reading
For about six hundred years, Anatolian Fortress has stood on a hill watching the Bosphorus...Continue Reading
A magnificent Roman Aqueduct, which crosses the valley between the third...Continue Reading
One of the most famous monuments of the Turkish and Islamic world is the...Continue Reading
The yellow coloured cut stones stretch on and on.At regular intervals there is a tower...Continue Reading
A considerable part of the New Mosque complex is...Continue Reading
The Golden Horn, with deep romanticism, divides the European side...Continue Reading
The Great Palace Mosaic Museum was opened in 1953 in İstanbul, affiliated with...Continue Reading
Among the Byzantine churches, St. Mary of the Mongols is the only one that...Continue Reading
Ahmet Hamdi Tanpınar who is a famous writer, describes Beyazıt Mosque...Continue Reading
The Archaeological museum, under the jurisdiction of the Directship of the Turkish...Continue Reading
The Museum of Innocence is both a novel by Orhan Pamuk and a museum he has set up...Continue Reading
The museum was the first Turkish museum to collect Turkish and Islamic Works of art...Continue Reading
The New Mosque was the last of the great mosques built by Ottoman Sultans...Continue Reading
The Panorama 1453 Historical Museum was opened in 31 January 2009. The museum of...Continue Reading
Inaugurated on 8 June 2005, Pera Museum is a private museum founded by Suna...Continue Reading
The archipelago known as the Princes’ Islands consists of nine islands in the Sea of Marmara...Continue Reading
The Red Greek High School, which was founded in 1454, gets its name from...Continue Reading
The Yedikule Castle, which was built during Emperor Theodosius the Second’s reign...Continue Reading
After the conquest of Istanbul in 1453 Fatih (the conqueror) Sultan Mehmet moved...Continue Reading
The museum is the only private toy museum in Turkey. The museum was founded...Continue Reading
Tuesday Market, probably Turkey's biggest and most crowded market, is located in Kadıkoy...Continue Reading
This was originally the Zulfaris Synagogue dating back to the 17th century. In 19th century...Continue Reading
The district near Leander’s Tower is an old settlement called Üsküdar.The sixteenth...Continue Reading
Yavuz Sultan Selim Mosque was built by Architect Sinan in 1522 during the reign...Continue Reading
The Yıldız Palace, which is the last example of an Ottoman palace complex...Continue Reading
The name of the synagogue comes from the street of the synagogue...Continue Reading
Hamdi Restaurant, Beyti, Adana Yüzevler Kebap, Köşebaşı Restaurant...Continue Reading
Pandeli Restaurant, Konyalı Kanyon Restaurant, Kanaat Lokantası, Feriye Lokantası...Continue Reading
Tarihi Karaköy Balıkçısı, Balıkçı Sabahattin, Bebek Balıkçısı, Eleos, İsmet Baba...Continue Reading
Mikla, Ulus 29, Topaz, Vogue, Changa ...Continue Reading
Tomtom Mahallesi, Nuri Ziya Sokak No:16 - Beyoğlu T+90212 249 8774 Tuesday-Saturday... Continue Reading
Boğazkesen cad. No:45,Bodrum Kat, Tophane / Beyoğlu T+90212 243 5443...Continue Reading
Kemankeş mah, Ali Paşa Değirmeni Sokak No:16-18 - Beyoğlu T+90212 243 6666...Continue Reading
Kemankeş mah, Mumhane cad.Laroz Han No:67/A - Karaköy / Beyoğlu T+90212 249 1035... Continue Reading
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Asmalı Mescit Cad. Asmalı Mescit Sok. No:32/a - Beyoğlu T+90212 293 6717...Continue Reading
Bahçeşehir Üniversitesi BAU Galata Kampüsü Kemeraltı cad. 24/A - Karaköy / Beyoğlu...Continue Reading
Tomtom Mahallesi Boğazkesen Cd. No:59 - Tophane / Beyoğlu T+90212 244 8424...Continue Reading
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Lüleci Hendek Cad. No:20 - Tophane / İstanbul T+90212 243 8578... Continue Reading
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Bankalar Cad. 11 - Karaköy / Beyoğlu T+90212 334 2200 Tuesday-Saturday...Continue Reading
Kuloğlu Mah. Ağahamam Sok. Sözcük apt. No:25 (Yadigar Sok. 2/1) Beyoğlu ...Continue Reading