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Protect Yourself From Negative Energy: Evil Eye Beads

For many years, cultures from all over the world believed that through a jealous look or an envious stare bad luck can be bestowed on other people. In order to prevent this bad luck, Turks have designed the Evil Eye pendants and jewellery  to guard themselves against such not-so-well-meaning people with their evil eyes and negative energy. It protects one like a barrier, if you get an evil eye from someone, the evil eye beads you have on you will reflect the negative energy and stare back at the eyes of harm.

The Traditional Colour Of The Talisman

The Evil Eye pendants, beads, jewellery are usually made of blue glass with white and yellow or white and blue circled inside to resemble the shape of an eye. The eye being made of blue glass is not a coincidence either. The old-age Anatolian belief is that it is actually the blue colour of the stone, which holds the real shielding power and absorbs the negative energy. We can include the Mediterranean cultures belief in the protective and healing power of the colour blue.

Keep With You At All Times

The Turkish Evil Eye Pendant which is called Nazar Boncugu, (it literally means the “evil eye bead”) is a very traditional item in Turkey. The Evil Eye beads can be used anywhere and on any occasion in Turkey. You can find someone hanging an Evil Eye pendant on top of his house door, a newly bought cars front mirror or someone attaching a bead on a newborn baby to keep him/her away from harm. Some Turkish people go to the extreme and even put Evil Eye symbols on their web pages! It is believed that, if your Evil Eye bead ever breaks, cracks this will mean that you have successfully protected yourself from the negative energy that was about to hit you. Don’t forget the Evil Eye beads don’t bring good luck, they represent a pure belief against a superstition in order to ward off the danger of the Evil Eye and the negativity that comes with it.

It’s Fashionable Too

Today, Evil Eye jewellery is not only worn for protection, the tradition has been kept up to date and became a fashion statement as well. You can find various types of necklaces, rings, bracelets, beads and prints used on clothing etc. It’s not only the wearable’s either, you can find key chains,  frames, mirrors and magnets with the Evil Eye on them.