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Location: İstanbul / TURKEY
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Water is sacred in all religions and it purifies the body and the soul. Bathing is a tradition that dates back to the Romans and Turks turned it into a style combined with the cleanliness and hygienic rules instructed by Islam. When the word ‘hamam’ (bathhouse) which meant the place where you wash yourself, was added to the concept. In this way it was called a Türk hamamı(Turkish bathhouse).

It became a culture with masseurs, patterns, bath stories and marble washing platforms. In the past bathrooms in houses were primitive and there was no running water inside houses. Thus, bathhouses were an essential part of the social life, especially of Ottoman women, who lived a closed life.

Rinsing the baby at the end of his/her first forty days of life, evaluation of young girls by mothers of young men for marriage and bridal bath prior to wedding were all social activities of the bathhouse culture.
Stuffed vegetables (dolma), meatballs and desserts would be prepared and the level of entertainment would be enhanced with dancers and musicians.

Here are some of the historical Turkish Baths that we can suggest in Istanbul:
Çemberlitaş Bathhouse (built in 1584)
Süleymaniye Bathhouse (built in 1557)
Hürrem Sultan Bathhouse (built in 1556)
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