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Location: İstanbul / TURKEY
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İstanbul is the capital of flavours throughout her history.

Do you love trying new tastes? Then come to this tour hungry!

As an adventurer searching for new varieties of food and beverage, you can get caught by a heavy ‘taste storm’ lasting for a whole day in the streets of this city. We invite you chasing the delicious in İstanbul.

And speaking of food, isn’t it part and parcel of any romantic travel experience?
The food in Istanbul is influenced by many different cultures and people. Because it’s a peninsula, fresh fish and seafood are plentiful. Try something very regional,like anchovies from the Black Sea. These are not the small salty anchovies that we often think of in the USA, but fresh and delicious, not huge, but two or three will make a nice meal.

For a romantic meal in Istanbul, try Meze, meaning small dishes. It’s a great way to taste many different local specialties, like stuffed grape leaves, fried cheese bits, eggplant cooked every way possible, and fava beans. Many of these are finger foods – if you’re with a partner, what’s moreromantic than feeding each other small bites while sipping a nice complimentary wine?