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Location: İstanbul / TURKEY
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In this tour you can discover the most important ottomans monuments such as:

Topkapi Palace, Sultan’s residence until the middle of century XIX. Apart of visiting some parts of the palace as the Harem you can also contemplate an exhibition of Sultan’s treasure and relics of Muslim prophets.

Suleymaniye Mosque, the biggest mosque in the city, built under the mandate of Sultan Suleyman the magnificent. Suleymaniye is on a small hill which has a fantastic view over the city.

located in an old and busy market area of Eminonu. The Rüstem Pasha mosque is well known for its beautiful Iznik (Nicea) tiles of the 16th century, covering entire walls.

Spice Bazaar, A beautiful market also known as the Egyptian Bazaar because most of spices sold in this bazaar came from Egypt.