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Location: İstanbul / TURKEY
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Galata Neighborhood
Neve Shalom Synagogue or Ashkenaz Synagogoue
Balat Neighborhood
Golden Horn
Ahrida Synagogoue
Zulfaris Jewish Museum

The history of the Jews in Turkey goes back to 2400 years ago, there have been Jewish people in Asia Minor since the 5th century BC and when Spanish and Portuguese Jews expelled from Spain they were welcome into Ottoman Empire in 15th century.

Therefore here with this itinerary we discover the Jewish culture in Istanbul. We start with centuries old Jewish neighborhood Galata where you may also see one of the most prominent landmark of the city built by Genoese; Galata Tower. We go to visit NEVE SHALOM SYNAGOGUE or ASHKENAZ SYNAGOGUE (According to availability).

Later we drive to BALAT neighborhood along the GOLDEN HORN, residential area of Ottoman Jews where The ‘Star of David’ still appears on the facades of some buildings. As an important syganoguge, we go to visit AHRIDA SYNAGOGUE; built in the 15th century by the first generation of Seferad Jews. Last visit of the day will be to the ZULFARIS JEWISH MUSEUM of the Quincentennial Foundation.