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Location: İstanbul / TURKEY
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Being such a big city with several city centers, Istanbul has more than one entertainment destination. Some of the entertainment location of Istanbul, which offers entertainment and dining possibilities suitable for all tastes, are located on the Bosphorus. The most famous one of these is Reina and the other one is Sortie.

There are lots of alternatives in Istiklal Street. One of them is 360 Degree Restaurant and Bar. Those looking for a lively night on the town head to Nevizade, where the plentiful food, lively gypsy music and excitable crowd fuse together to create energy like no other. Meyhanes – Turkish taverns – line the area, offering a dizzying assortment of mezes, seafood and raki- a real Turkish feast. Though indoor seating is available, do as the locals do and perch yourself on a street side table to make the most of Nevizade’s wonderfully contagious atmosphere.

Also Folk and Belly Dancer Shows are very popular for tourists. Kervansaray Restaurant and Night Club is one of the most famous place with its well-known belly dancers.

Upon your request we can arrange the reservation for you which one you are interested in.