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Location: Muğla / TURKEY
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You will be visiting some interesting cities en route : First, stop at Priene; one of the first planned cities in the world, it requires some uphill walking, but it is worth the climb!

Streets cut each other at right angles, based on the Hippodamian Plan and the buildings are on perfect city blocks, dating from the 4th Century.

(Famous architect Hippodamus was from nearby Miletos). Afterwards, stop at Miletos, a very important city of antiquity, where you can see a well-preserved theater and Roman baths, and a very charming old mosque, among others.

(Philosophers and scientists from Miletos had been among those who had founded colonies in different parts of the Mediterranean Region, including Southern France). Then, continue on to Didyma, where you can see the Temple of Apollo, “Seat of the Oracle“, one of the largest temples ever built (construction took over 250 years, but was never totally completed).

Your guide will bring you to your hotel in Bodrum.