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Location: İstanbul / TURKEY
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Chora Museum,
City Walls
Pierre Loti Hill
Greek Orthodox Patriarchy

As the sun sets in Istanbul its yellow light blazes on the waters of the Golden Horn, giving this freshwater estuary its romantic name. Throughout its storied past, the Golden Horn has witnessed many tumultuous historical incidents, and its dramatic vistas have been the subject of countless works of art.

Passing by the Golden horn and City Walls, you go to visit Chora Museum in which you can see the most beautiful examples of Byzantine mosaics and frescos since Chora was originally a Greek Orthodox Church dates back to 11th century. After being converted to a mosque with Ottoman reign in Istanbul, it is open as a museum starting from 1948. As the second visit, a nice cable car riding waiting for us, then you go up to Pierre Loti Hill as the best spot in the city to watch the Golden horn while enjoying a cup of Turkish tea or coffee.

After a small break, we continue to our tour with Greek Orthodox Patriarchy where you may have a chance to see the 5th Patriarchal church in Constantinople and home to the Ecumenical Patriarchate since the 15th century. As the last stop, we go to see the 400 year old Spice Market where you can try delicious Turkish delights, baklavas, dried fruits, spices etc.

Please note Chora Museum is closed on Wednesdays.