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Movies That Will Take You Far Far Away

It’s about going away, grabbing a bag and travelling, getting away from everything maybe going and never coming back, maybe running back home to never leave it ever again. The best road trip movies are the ones that manage to get to us, the ones that we find a piece from ourselves, our own lives. It doesn’t have to be romantic or poetic, it is just about a regular person trying to break the settle down and work 9 to 5 taboo. Sometimes the case is going back to nature where it all began, sometimes it’s just about being a bit rebellious inside.

Whichever way you look at it these movies are the most intimate and warm genre of cinema. These movies have freedom in their veins, they are me, you, us…

Here are some of the best road trip movies that you will want to watch again and again. But hey don’t forget you never know where you are going to end up next…

1- Easy Rider

It won’t be wrong to say that this movie is a Harley Davidson movie which takes place in the American deserts. With it’s shocking ending we guarantee that after you watch this movie you will want to pack a bag and head on to Arizona or the Grand Canyon. There is a slight risk of not wanting to think about ‘tomorrow’ ever again.

2-On The Road

On the road is actually a book which was written in 1957 by Jack Kerouac. The movie shows us the a b c of hitchhiking and how it should be done. This is the birth of the hitchhiking trend!

3-Little Miss Sunshine

This is one of the sweetest road trip movies that you will ever come across. You can find every character that you may possibly come across in the real world in this movie. Ok, the family is a bit weird we admit, but who isn’t?

4-In To The Wild

Talking about road trip movies, we couldn’t let this one go. If you haven’t watched it yet the time is now! This movie is about a traveller called Christopher McCandless who decides to leave everything behind and go back to nature. This heart-warming movie is based on a true story.

5-Mad Max Fury Road

This movie is from another world! No seriously. Mad Max is a dystopic movie about a character named Mad Max and an escape from tyranny.

6-127 Hours

This is also a true story of a traveller called Aron Ralston. A little advice, do wait until the end :)

7-The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty

This movie is the new generation’s Forrest Gump. It is about a regular guy with a regular life. However, his life changes with just a business journey.

BONUS: The Martian

Does travelling to Mars count?