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Locations Your Kids Will Love In Istanbul

During your visit to Istanbul if you are planning a family vacation the first question that comes to mind is the city child-friendly and will the children have fun during the trip too. No worries, in Istanbul there are plenty of activities children can attend and places both you and your child will enjoy seeing. Below you can find some of the child-friendly things you can do during your stay in Istanbul.

 1- Miniaturk


Once you enter the park you can see 114 miniature models of the most famous structures from Istanbul, Turkey and the Ottoman era. Not all of them are buildings from Turkey, there are also some buildings from other countries like their neighbour; Greece.

Miniaturk park is the largest miniature park in the world!!! All the miniature structure models are built to a 1 /25th scale. Some of the models you can find inside the park are; the ruins of Mount Nimrod, the house of Virgin Mary and Izmir clock tower. The park also features a playground, life-sized chessboard, and labyrinth. Miniaturk is open daily from 09:00 till 17:00.



The SeaLife aquarium is one of the best stops in Istanbul for the family with an amazing 83m long underwater Ocean Tunnel, 270 degrees panoramic viewing Sea Bed, 21 themed zones with 47 display tanks and more than 10,000 sea creatures of 1000 different species! Once inside you will get to see sharks, stingrays, jellyfish, seahorses and maybe you’ll even find Nemo.

If you are visiting the aquarium, you should also take the Behind the Scenes tour. However, extra tickets are required for this additional tour. In the Behind the Scene tour, you will get to meet the engineers and divers responsible for upkeep and feeding, and learn about SeaLife’s research and activities too.

3-Rahmi M. Koc Museum


You wouldn’t want to miss an amazing tour at this private industrial museum located in Golden Horn, Istanbul. Most of the items in the exhibition are from Mr Rahmi M. Koç’s private collection. In the Rahmi M. Koc Museum, you can find  steam engines, locomotives, submarines, vintage airplanes, agricultural machinery, and so much more.

The kids that are into a little mechanics will love the fact that they can climb over a vintage car, take a seat in a plane’s cockpit and get the chance to ride in a submarine.



For a fun day out Vialand can be the best location in Istanbul for you and your kids. Especially if your children are interested in theme parks. Inside you can enjoy all types of rides such as grand roller coasters, a ride that takes you back to the day Istanbul was conquered and you may get to meet your favourite cartoon character as well!