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Turkish Manti is quite similar to ravioli or even tortellini. This dumping like dish is usually served with yoghurt and pepper flakes mixed with oil on top. These delicious tiny pieces are one of the favourite dishes of Turkish families. It’s not just about the taste, it’s about the effort they put in making it, together as a family. Depending on the region, the manti dish comes in different shapes and sizes.

You can find similar dishes to manti in Caucasian, Armenian, Central Asian and Chinese cuisines. It is mentioned that manti came to Turkey from Central Asia during the migration of the Mongolians.

Manti is made from thin pastry and mince. You cut the pastry into small squares and stuff it with mince and close it from the corners. The most popular manti dish is in Kayseri. Kayseri mantisi is different than the other dishes because the manti pieces are so small you can actually fit 40 pieces in one spoon!


In Kayseri, when a young man was engaged the mother of the groom would look at how the bride to be made manti. Depending on how many pieces were on the spoon, the young woman was considered that skilled. To be the perfect bride in the mothers eyes, forty was the magical number!


To make manti you first need to make the dough and roll it out to a thin sheet of pastry or just buy it like that. Because it is quite difficult making the dough, you will save quite a lot of time just purchasing it from a local shop. Then you need to cut the thin pastry into squares. You then can start placing the mince in the middle of the squares and close it by pinching the corners together.

After, you can start boiling your manti. It is exactly the same as making pasta so don’t panic, the hard part is over at this point. The last part is pouring the yoghurt on top of your manti and don’t forget the red pepper flakes cooked in oil. If you don’t like pepper you can always change it to dry mint or different herbs. You can now enjoy your manti, bon appétit!!!