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Calming & Peaceful Locations Near Istanbul

If you think you have seen everything in Istanbul you should stop and think twice. You may have explored the most hidden historical corners but what about its natural beauties? If the kind of Istanbul you are looking for is not the usual touristic spots or if you just want to get away from the city for a day or two here are some relaxing and refreshing locations.

1- Atatürk Arboretum



There are more than 1500 plant species in the Arboretum. To see the beauty of nature, different plant species and the lake don’t forget to visit the Arboretum while you are in Istanbul.

2- Japanese Gardens


The Japanese Gardens are located in Baltalimani. The garden was planned for political and cultural reasons.

3- Ayvat Bend


An amazing location which is away from the chaos of Istanbul. It is possible to find bike trails so if you love cycling this is the best spot for you.

4- Polonezkoy

Polonezkoy was actually a Polish village located in the Beykoz area. If you enjoy green plains and a picnic you should definitely give Polonezkoy a chance.

5- Aynalikavak Pavilion


The Aynalikavak Pavilion is located in the Haskoy area. It is also possible to find a classical Turkish music instruments exhibition here as well.

6- Beykoz Riva


This beautiful location is one of the rare places near Istanbul that you can actually go swimming. However, Riva’s calming nature should be seen in all seasons.

7- The Madam Martha Bay


This is a romantic location where you can just lie down and watch the sunset. It is one of the most beautiful bays of Burgazada.