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A Historical Journey in Halki

In Turkey, we call Halki which actually means copper in Greek, Heybeliada. The history of the island dates back to the Byzantine period. Before the conquest of Istanbul, Halki was quite famous for its copper mines. After some time, it became a centre of religious education for...
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How To Be A Vegan or Vegetarian In Istanbul

If you are a vegan or vegetarian life can be a bit hard while travelling to a different country. However, with the right kind of guidance, you can get the chance to visit the best restaurants in town! Below you can find some of the vegan and vegetarian restaurants which you can...
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A Modern Fairytale: Eskisehir

As a city located in the heart of Anatolia, Eskisehir has always been a step ahead when compared to other cities in Turkey with its cultural and social activities. The main reason is the University located in Eskisehir which brings many benefits that put Eskisehir amongst...
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The Time of the Tulip

A flower which has been a subject of many events, myths and cultures are blooming once more in the heart of Istanbul. By welcoming spring we also welcome one of the most beautiful symbols of our lovely city Istanbul. This year the 12th ‘Istanbul Tulip Festival’ will take place in...
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The Traditional Nature and Gastronomy Festival

With all the natural beauties and the untouched nature, it is nearly impossible not to combine these organic nutrients with gastronomy. Turkey has much to offer when it comes to growing plants, herbs etc. and because of its climate, it is possible to find %100 organic and...
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7 Must See Places In Fatih District

1-Sultanahmet Square: The old centre of the world. Before Greenwich was accepted as the prime meridian, the centre was accepted to be the Milliarium Aureum which was in Rome. The column Milliarium Aureum was accepted as the point from which all the principal roads of Rome...
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The Living Library

The living library opened its doors to visitors on the 20th of February. You may be asking this question; what is a living library? A Place Where Books Come To Life The Living Library is not much different than a standard library. The readers pop into the library, choose the book...
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Locations Your Kids Will Love In Istanbul

During your visit to Istanbul if you are planning a family vacation the first question that comes to mind is the city child-friendly and will the children have fun during the trip too. No worries, in Istanbul there are plenty of activities children can attend and places both you...
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Only A Few Weeks To Go: Madame Tussauds Grand Opening in Istanbul!

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Turkey’s first wax museum, Madame Tussauds will open its doors for the first time for its visitors this December. Madame Tussauds will accommodate 60 national and international figures from the world of politics, and famous names from areas such as sports and culture. This...
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