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A Journey Through Ancient Cities

There are many ancient cities all around Turkey which opens us a door, a little passage to world history. One of the most famous ancient cities is in Selcuk is Ephesus, which was built by the bay which the Menderes River drained its waters. During the ancient times, water was life. So wherever you could see a river or a lake, it would mean that there is a city not so far away.

Below you can find some of the most important cultural heritages of all humankind.

1- The Ancient City Of Ephesus


The ancient city of Ephesus is located in the district of Selçuk/Izmir. The temple of Artemis which is one of the Seven Wonders Of The World and The House Of Virgin Mary which functions as a religious center is located in this ancient city.  Ephesus offers to show us a unique cultural heritage that reflects the diversity of Anatolian civilizations and intercultural dialogue. Every year thousands visit this site for both religious and cultural purposes.

2- The Neolithic City Of Catalhoyuk


Catalhoyuk, is a very large Neolithic and chalcolithic settlement which is located in Central Anatolia. The roots of this settlement go back 9 thousand years. Catalhoyuk is also very popular with its width of Neolithic settlement, its population and the remarkable artwork and cultural traditions that can be seen at sight. The residents of this city which is one of the most ancient settlements in the world, is known to be one of the first farming communities.

3- The Selimiye Mosque


The Selimiye Mosque located in Edirne, was built by the architect Sinan with the order of the Ottoman Sultan II. Selim. Sinan at the age of 90 (in some books known as 80) said that this was his best work so far. The Selimiye Mosque is one of the most important works of the architect Sinan and one of the most important structures of Ottoman architecture.

4- The Ancient City Of Troy


The Ancient city of troy is located in the west of tevfikiye village connected to the central district of the Dardanelles. The city of Troy is believed to have been the ancient city where the Trojan War took place as mentioned in the verse in one of the two epic Iliad written by Homer. The city was discovered by the German amateur archaeologist Heinrich Schliemann in 1870.

 5- Hattusas The Hittite Capital


The capital of the Hittite, Hattusas is a state which is an area advanced in the field of art and architecture. The remaining point out to five different historical lines. These are Assyrian, Hittite, Phrygian, Galatia, Roman and Byzantine cultural eras.

6- Mount Nemrut


Mount Nemrut is located in Adiyaman and is one of the 8 Wonders Of The World. King Antiochus of Commagene, built his own tomb which was decorated with colossal statues made of limestone. Although the imperial cult did not last long after King Antiochus, several of his successors had their own tombs built on Mount Nemrut as well.