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A Digital Exhibition: Picturesque Istanbul

In the Picturesque exhibition at Istanbul’s Naval Museum, it is possible to find the artworks of world-famous painters blend with the latest technology, and come to life. This exhibition will take it’s visitors through a magical journey through time and history. The paintings go back 200 from now. Paintings of Istanbul by the 19th century painter-travellers Melling, Schranz, Allom, Bartlett, Lewis and Ayvazovski will be displayed during this exhibition and will present this amazing city during the 19th century through the eyes of the travellers. Don’t forget this will be your personal journey through the olden Istanbul as well.

What Does Picturesque Mean?

Picturesque is a word which is used to describe a cities mysterious beauties and architecture that are worth painting. The most amazing part of Picturesque Istanbul is that it combines these amazing work of arts with modern day technology. It offers its audience a different perspective of that era and enables us to see how it would have actually been if the paintings were living and breathing. The artworks of the Romantic era artists depicting Istanbul gets the chance to awaken once again by the CodexArt technique.

Picturesque Istanbul Also Offers A Feast For Your Ears

Picturesque Istanbul features huge screens which are 4.5 metres high and 60 metres wide CodexArt surfaces. During this magical journey, the 200-year-old scenery of Istanbul  is displayed on these screens paired with music from the era for 35 minutes. Blending both arts Picturesque Istanbul will host Anjelica Akbar every day between 7 p.m. and 10 p.m. The lucky visitors who get to experience this atmosphere with Anjelica Akbar’s music will have a chance to study paintings and gravures.