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Kebab Houses

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Hamdi Restaurant
Tahmis Cad. Kalçın Sok. No: 17 Eminönü
(0212 528 03 90)

Hamdi Restaurant has been offering its delightful meals together with its breathtaking view of Galata Bridge and Eminönü for more than 50 years. They offer a variety of kebab plates with poppy, nuts, tomato or hot spicy tomato as well as kebab special to Birecik and Urfa regions. This kebab house is open every day from 12 at noon until midnight.

Orman Sok. No: 8 Florya
(0212 663 29 90)

Beyti, in operation since 1945, carries forward all its experience and successful approach. We recommend you to taste their Beyti Kebab, lamb steak, roast beef, fillet steak and kebab with yoghurt. Beyti is open every day from 11.30 am until midnight.

Beşiktaş İskelesi Beşiktaş
(0212 260 48 54)

Hanedan has maintained its gastronomical tradition for many years with its signature flavor. A reputation for great food at great prices. The Hanedan Restaurant is located near the Bosphorus in the bustling Beşiktaş area. The Restaurant’s exquiste taste, adds joy to your dining pleasure. Besides serving traditional Turkish meat dishes, this restaurant also offers a good selection of seafood. Open daily from noon until midnight.

Adana Yüzevler Kebap
Nispetiye Cad. No: 10 Etiler
(0212 287 01 01)

In Adana Yüzevler Kebap you can find real flavors of the regional cuisine with very nice presentations. Besides kebab, we would recommend their appetizing humus, fındık lahmacun (small and very thin Turkish pizza covered with minced meat), stuffed mutton balls, çiğ köfte (steak tartara la turca) and hot spicy tomato dip. This kebab house is open every day from 12 at noon until midnight.

Köşebaşı Restaurant
Levent (0212 270 24 33)
Nişantaşı(0212 230 38 68)

Köşebaşı is one of the most important brands of İstanbul. We recommend you to try their Tarsusi kebab, çöp şiş (grilled smalll pieces of meat on wooden skewers), kebab with eggplant and Toros salad. Köşebaşı is open every day from 12 at noon until midnight.

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