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We are in a courtyard with a water cistern and a fountain. We hear the whispering sound of water. We look at the arches of the domes in the courtyard. Red, white gren Stones, like butterflies flying towards the light, pass in front of our eyes. We are in the Fatih Mosque. Fatih (the conqueror) Sultan Mehmed had the Fatih Mosque built during the years 1467-1470. The architect was Sinauddin Yusuf bin Abdullah. The mosque is monumental in design. A central dome rests on two elephant feet and two columns. Devastated by an earthquake in 1766, the Fatih Mosque was repaired in 1767-1771 by architect Mehmed Tahir Aga, commissioned by Sultan Mustafa III.

Only the three walls of the fountian’s courtyard, the fountain, the crown doors, the mihrab, up to the first balcony of the minarets and a part of the surrounding wall remain from the original construction. The tombs of Fatih Sultan Mehmed and his wife Gulbahar are in the cemetery behind the mosque.

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