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Dolmabahce Palace was the principal imperial residence in late years of the Ottoman Empire.ıt was built between 1843-1856. It is a symmetrical three-storey palace, has 285 rooms, 43 halls and 6 bathrooms. The main structure of the palace is composed of the Selamlık (used for state affairs), the Seraglio (used for private life of sultans & their families) and the Parade Hall (used for important state parades) located between them. The most impressive aspect of the palace is its white marble seaside facade 284m long. The walls and ceiling are covered with paintings by famous artists of the age and with famous decorations made with tons of gold.

Atarturk, founder of Republic of Turkey, stayed in this palace during his visits to Istanbul. He died here in 1938 and all the clocks in the palace were stopped at 9:05 a.m. the time of his death. The palace is a museum now with precious and ceremonial objects used by sultans.

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